About Us

GOPIO, International was founded in New York in 1989. In June, 2010 GOPIO has commenced a chapter in Virginia under the leadership of Mr. Jay Singh Bhandari.

GOPIO-VIRGINIA is a non-profit(501(3)(C) organization that serves as a non-partisan, secular, civic, and community service organization and helps promote awareness of Indian culture, customs, and contributions of people of Indian origin through community programs, forums, workshops, seminar, events, and youth activities.

GOPIO Virginia was inaugurated on a cruise in the water’s of the Potomac River. It was a full moon night and members enjoyed a 3 hour ride on a boat with a concert from Munni Begam, well-known Gazal singer. The very first year our membership grew to 65 members.

The initial thrust of GOPIO was fighting human rights violation of people of Indian origin. Although this has been improved in the last one decade, human rights violations continue to be a major issue for PIOs living outside India. GOPIO has now set its priorities in pooling our resources, both financial and professional, for the benefit of PIOs, the countries they come from and India.

GOPIO Virginia’s mission is to Empower, Educate and enhance community awareness and help them to prosper and progress, utilizing the combined resources of People of Indian Origin. We firmly believe in Stronger together. We work  & advocate to resolve the issues of our community. We also do charity work such as providing medical assistance to people who can’t afford or has no health insurance. We feed homeless people also. and from time to time we provide help and serve people during crises such as Corona, earthquakes, floods, etc… We celebrate all major Indian festivals in coordination with other Indian Organizations.

GOPIO Awards 2023
Virginia State Delegate Eileen Filler-Corn and President Jay Bhandari giving award to Vatsala Mehra.
GOPIO Awards 2023
Fairfax County Chairman of Supervisors Jeff McKay and President Jay Bhandari giving award to Sant Gupta.
GOPIO Awards 2023
Virginia State Senator David W. Marsden and President Jay Bhandari giving award to Dr. Rahul Gupta.
GOPIO Awards 2023
Virginia State Senator Chap Petersen and President Jay Bhandari giving award to Mayur Shah.
GOPIO Awards 2023
GOPIO Awards 2023
GOPIO Awards 2018
Deep lighting to begin the Awards ceremony by Congressman Gerald E. Connolly.
GOPIO Awards 2018
Senator Tim Kaine, Congressman Gerry Connolly and President Jay Bhandari on the right are presenting award to Dr. Ravi Chaudhary.
GOPIO Awards 2021
GOPIO Virginia president Jay Bhandari addressing the gathering. Seen in the picture from L to R:: Senator Jennifer Boysko, Congressman Don Beyer, Congressman Gerald E. Connolly, Ambassador Purmanund Jhugroo
GOPIO Awards 2021
Congressman Don Beyer, Congressman Gerry Connolly, Senator Jennifer Boysko, Ambassador Purmanund Jhugroo and President Jay Bhandari giving award of Dr.Korok Ray to Miss Anshu Matalia.
GOPIO Awards 2021
Congressman Don Beyer, Congressman Gerry Connolly, Senator Jennifer Boysko and President Jay Bhandari presenting award to Dr. VK Raju (Founder Eye Foundation of America) for Excellence in Medicine.
GOPIO Awards 2018
Senator Tim Kaine and President Jay Bhandari presenting award Dr. Rajesh Mehra and Jay Mandal.
GOPIO Awards 2018
MC Shweta Jain introduce all the guests including Congressman Gerry Connolly, Morkin, GOPIO International President Dr. Thomas Abraham, and President Jay Bhandari.
Virginia Governor Terry McAuliffe addressing at the Event
Kavi Sammelan
President Jay Bhandari introducing Kumar Vishwas and other Kavi's at the Kavi Sammelan
Kavi Sammelan
Full House Audience at the Kavi Sammelan
Gopio Virginia President Jay Bhandari presenting awards in Indore in India at Jain social group annual event.
President Jay Bhandari with US Senators Mark Warner and Tim Kaine
President Jay Bhandari interviewing Senator Tim Kaine for TV Asia.
Campaigning for Congressman Gerald E. Connolly.
Family gathering at a birthday party.
Republic day
Mr. Jay Bhandari with Assamese dancers.
Mr. Jay Bhandari with Mauritius's Ambassador Purmanund Jhugroo and other Members of the group.
Mr. Jay Bhandari at the Embassy of India in Washington D.C.
Campaigning for President Joe Biden
Mr. Jay Bhandari with the US Vice President Kamala D. Harris
Celebrating 75th anniversary of independence of India
At Indian Embassy Celebrating 75th years of independence of India.
Mr. Jay Bhandari with Congressman
Mr. Jay Bhandari with Harsh Shringla
Mr. Jay Bhandari with Congressman Raja Krishnamoorthi

What we do

Excellence Awards

The GOPIO Virginia Annual Gala Awards is a grand event to recognize and celebrate the success of Indian Americans for their extra ordinary achievements in Education, Economy, Research, Medical, Journalism, Philanthropy, Community Service, Science and Technology and Politics.

Reach Out Activities

GOPIO Virginia’s reach out work includes securing some benefits for globally spread PIOs. Some of these ongoing benefits are:-Indian Cultural Activities, Medical Camps, Free Medical Assistance to needy, Student Scholarship Program, Donations, Food Drive, Workshops, Celebration of Festivities.

Human Rights Corner

The GOPIO Human Rights Commission would engage the participation and support efforts of any and all local Indian and non-Indian organizations and groups, to compile and report all human rights abuses, harassment and any discrimination perpetrated against PIOs and NRIs.

GLOBAL Chapters

Global community of Indian origin has been developed in USA, France, England, Canada, Germany, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, Guiana, Trinidad and Tobago, India, Japan, Malaysia, Mauritius, Hong Kong, Singapore, Middle East, Caribbean, Fiji and many more.

Mission Statement

– To empower, educate and enhance community awareness. – To involve in the civic responsibility to resolve issues of concern to the Indian American community. – To support and empower the members and community towards the economic, social, financial and political progress utilizing combined resources of People of Indian Origin. – To significantly contribute towards building strong relations between India and USA towards economical, educational and social progress.

Vision Statement

GOPIO, aims to bring people of Indian Origin in the World together to promote their professional, cultural and social interests with a view to realizing their maximum potential in the service of Global peace, prosperity, happiness and compassion


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Case Statement

Walk together, talk together, eat together and act with one mind 


Award of Excellence Gala Banquet

Join us on April 30, in our signature event of the GOPIO Virginia Gala Award of Excellence Banquet & Celebration of the 4th Anniversary. Great entertainment ( Dance & music masti) and testy Indian 4 Course dinner