GOPIO Virginia's mission

GOPIO Virginia’s mission is to Empower, Educate and enhance community awareness and also help them to prosper and progress utilizing the combined resources of People of Indian Origin. We believe in Stronger together. We work & advocate to resolve the issues of our community. We also do charity work such as providing medical assistance to people who can’t afford or has no health insurance. We feed homeless people. And from time to time we provide help and serve people during crises such as Corona. We also celebrate all major Indian festivals along with other Indian Organization.

GOPIO Virginia will help and support the community to improve, empower, and grow financially, socially as well as politically. Our mission could be achieved by educating, mobilizing, and increasing the strength of community members, thus creating a ripple effect that will spark awareness and motivate participation in community affairs.

Your Participation

As a member, you can take pride in being a valuable part of the vibrant Indian American community. Your participation will shape the GOPIO, priorities and progress. And you will provide the present and future generations with an opportunity for a prosperous and graceful life. Together we can achieve more of the American Dream.

Indian Americans have significantly contributed for building strong relationship between India and the USA towards economic, social, educational, and cultural progress of both these great nations. Many people of Indian Origin (including GOPIO Virginia members) hold high positions in US and are
extremely accomplished and have demonstrated innovations and leadership in almost every field


In 14 years, GOPIO-VIRGINIA has grown bigger and better in mobilizing the community for common causes by bringing a sense of friendship and community spirit and serving the global Indian community by taking up their issues to various governments and international agencies as well as contributing to society at large. 

Indian Diaspora community is the fastest growing Diaspora community worldwide. Currently it constitutes over 47 million people in the United States of America alone. Overseas Indians have been remitting about $70 billion dollars every year which has helped India to reach a foreign reserve of over $400 billion.